What is
Microbiome-Friendly Deodorant?

Pits not passing the sniff test?
Bacteria, not sweat, are the culprits!

Freshen up by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria while feeding the good bacteria that lives under your pits. Through our proprietary Biome Balancing Blend, we’ve proudly alchemised an ideal formula for a healthier pit-care routine.

Hello, everyBODY!

Founded by two adventurous best friends, we’re here to help you make a ‘pit stop’ en route to a healthier lifestyle with full-spectrum microbiome care. 

We Have Higher Standards
for Your Pits

No toxins, no parabens, no dirty secrets. Always clean, microbiome-friendly goodness designed to make your daily routine a little easier and a lot healthier. Lightening the load on your lymph nodes means everything to us: no clogging, just caring.

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