Our Story

“As beauty brand builders, we’ve guided countless companies to success. Working with visionary founders and the industry’s best chemists, we became more conscious of the ingredients lurking inside the products we used every single day.

When Leila was diagnosed with lymphoma (now cancer-free since 2015!) , our quest for natural and effective ingredients took on new meaning. The deeper we looked, the more concerned we became about the products we put on our pits–and their direct connection to our lymph nodes. But when we tried to make the switch to natural deo, we were sniffing our pits 24/7 and not happy with the results.

That’s when we thought of using the power of the microbiome: Sadaf had been passionate about gut health for years and discovered new research that bacteria could be our stink solution. With the help of our visionary chemist, our deodorant was born after 6 years of development, dozens of versions, and hundreds of samples sent to our friends and family.

The result is a deo we know will work for everyone, no matter your age, body type or sex. Made with love and respect for the beauty of your body and the magic of your microbiome.”

Sadaf & Leila